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Selling your Chicagoland home doesn't have to be stressful.

Why The Smith Group?

There are many real estate agents in Chicagoland that can sell your home. So, why should you trust the expert realtors at The Smith Group?

✓  We help you SKIP the hard parts of selling your home.


 5 Options to Sell Your Property Fast! 

Explore all your selling options in one place, and pick the one that works best for you!

Option 1

  • A corporate buyer that pays cash -looking for homes in specific school districts for their Rent with Option to Own Program. 

Option 2

  • Have at least 30% equity in your home? We have a corporate buyer that pays cash- with 3 programs to help you tap into that equity even if you're not ready to move. 

Option 3

  • Renovate now, pay when you Sell- If your home requires repair to get top dollar, we have a Corporate partner who will renovate & receive payment after your home is sold.

Option 4

  • Little to No Equity- We have multiple programs to purchase your home even with no equity.

Option 5

  •  If you’d like to sell AS-IS without doing any updates we can help you with that.

Buying a home, too?
We make that easy

Do you need to sell your property, but are worried that the traditional means of selling a property just won't work for you? Then you have come to the right place! Here at The Smith Group (brokered By Kale), we provide 5 options to sell or buy your property fast!

One of our options will allow you to move on your own schedule! Choose a convenient close date to avoid double moves and double mortgages.

Sell My Chicagoland Property Fast

You’re in control of your home sale

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Get Expertise at Every Step

Schedule a call to discuss our 5 Option Program! During our call, we'll review your property details, and assist with selecting the best program for you! 

Move on Your Schedule & Save on Fees

Line up your close dates so you don’t get stuck paying two mortgages or moving twice.


There’s a new way to sell your home!

5 Options to Sell Your Home Fast.

Choose the option that allows you to walk away with the most money.

We will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire selling process, so you feel comfortable at every stage.


Take steps to make selling your home easy, fast, and stress-free. 

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Here at The Smith Group (brokered By Kale), we focus on providing a seamless property selling process to Chicagoland. If you have a property that you need to sell fast, contact us.

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